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Receive your medical records directly from your doctor. Our network spans over 700K.

A safe space for sensitive chats with medical professionals.

Protected with biometric security using your unique fingerprint.

Health Feed

Journal about your healthcare experiences through photos and status updates.

Medical History

Store all of your medical records from various sources all in one place.

Safe Spaces

Privately message your doctors and share your medical records.

Care Team

Connect with those involved in your care, and directly message them at their inbox.

Medyear Pro

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Live Updates

See which patients have connected and what they are sharing with you.

Patient Directory

Make a phone call or message patients on their Medyear Mobile app.

Medical Chat

A digital chatroom for doctors and patients, for one-on-ones or with a small group.

Doctor Directory

Find and connect with your colleagues throughout the Medyear network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my medical records?

From your Medyear Mobile app, you can send a Direct message to your physician and ask for an electronic copy of your medical records in CCD format. Thanks to healthcare modernization, many doctors can now simply reply with an attachment of your CCD file using their EMR systems.

What is a Direct address?

Direct is a secure protocol for doctors to communicate with one another. Medyear gives patients the same grade of Direct address that doctors use in their own practice. Your address works a lot like an email, but has enhanced security that has been approved for medical use.

How can I share my medical records?

Sharing medical information is a delicate act. Medyear lets you share safely. In a private message, you can share your medical history with only those doctors you choose, giving you control over your health data’s portability.

Why should I control my medical records?

Your life may depend on it. Not having the right information when it really matters can end up costing you a lot of money, your health, or even worse, your life. An unaccounted-for allergy, procedure or condition could lead to wrong treatments and wrong diagnoses.

Panha Chheng

CEO and Co-Founder

Panha is the visionary behind Medyear. His journey has taken him from Cambodia and refugee camps, to a small town in Texas, to UC Berkeley, to Deloitte, to China, and now to Medyear. And he's just getting started.

Mark Scrimshire

CTO and Co-Founder  /  Entrepreneur in Residence at HHS

Tireless instigator, integrator, and innovator. Mark is also currently on assignment with the Federal Government, building the next-generation patient gateway for 35M+ Medicare beneficiaries.

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